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Working with a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding for any couple can sometimes be an up-hill task. This can be the case especially if you have a tight job schedule which will give you limited time to find and meet service providers. Other times you might find yourself at a cross-road when it comes to deciding what to include or exclude from your wedding budget. Working with a wedding planner, who are now available and easy to find, becomes a better option. These are individuals who have a vast experience from past events and can be in a position to advise you accordingly. Similarly, they will help carry the larger bulk of work such as finding service providers, discussing with them, payments and addressing any other arising matters.

While working with a wedding planner, there are areas they will want to discuss with you as a check-list to a successful event. One thing you will want to discuss is the invitation cards.These are given to your given number of guests as you will wish to grace your occasion, inclusive of the reception and the after wedding dinner. They will be able to suggest the best and affordable printers as befits your budget. A favorable venue is another key item to discuss at the onset of a wedding plan. A planner will follow up on the availability, booking and payments and include it in the invitation cards to avoid inconveniences.

Another item that cannot be overlooked is the preferred decoration. It is good to have your theme colors or at least have an idea of what you want the service provider to deliver.  A well planned and organized deco sets in an easy flow of events and sets the mood for the day .

In a wedding, you will want your guests to be entertained through out the event thus having a planned entertainment is a good idea. Having a wedding singer is an option you will want to consider since it makes the event personal and participative at the same time. Click here to learn more about a wedding singer. There are many live bands that can be available to perform and have your guests participate. A little dance will do them no harm.

Photography and videography is an item you will not want to over look. In as much as guests will attend and have a good time, remember the only lasting memory after years is event coverage in form of photos and maybe a video. It is therefore wise to have your wedding planner get a reputable service provider for this. Remember the quality should stand the test of time.

Similarly, work with your planner to get a good service provider for food and refreshments. This is an individual who should be well vetted on their quality and if possible you can attend an event they are offering the same service  prior to your wedding to sample their food. You are at liberty to change if not satisfied because I bet you will not wish to have your guests suffer food poisoning after your wedding, or even you. Imagine such a terrible experience during your honeymoon!

Other items in your check list are transport, the day’s program, master of ceremony and after wedding dinnerplans. Honeymoon plans can be handled separately with your partner, you do not have to involve your wedding planner.

Note that, working with a planner makes work easy since it is a way of delegating duties. However, have it in mind that they come in to better and execute your plan and not to have their way in it. You have the say so in the whole planning.