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Waiting Room Boredom Leads to Best Father’s Day Gift Idea Ever

My mind tends to wander off occasionally, especially if I’m made to sit and stare, or do nothing. Waiting rooms have become a major crisis for me because I’d be so engulfed in what I was reading or my mind being in a different zone that I wouldn’t hear my name being called. I didn’t drift off like this when we were at the children’s doctors’ appointments, but when I was alone at mine, I drifted often.

The Joys of Tables in Waiting Rooms

I picked up a brochure that sat on the coffee table in the waiting room. It seemed to be a home-made pamphlet for online resources of home gyms. I was interested, so I picked it up to read while waiting. It had a few sites to check out if you were looking for an exercise machine, one of those sites was I scanned many of the websites that were given until I came to a conclusion. I was not going to purchase anything within the next few weeks, but the reviews and some sales made me change my mind.

There weren’t many things that he wanted for father’s day besides the usual game for his game system. He had mentioned changing jobs had made him gain weight because he was not constantly moving anymore. So I thought it was perfect to buy a home gym or some type of all in one exercise machine. I knew that he would use it and he wouldn’t have to go to the gym or pay for something that he may or may not have time for. Every night before bed he could use it, or before his evening shower.

Ordering the Right One

There were many options that I could choose from. Some of them were more appealing than others as an exercise machine in whole. I decided that something he could stand, or sit, or even lay down on would work. I purchased an all in one home gym system that he could do all of those things and more. There was even an attachment for other portions that could give even more options. When he heard about the option for the punching bag, he would love the gift even more.

I had it delivered by first class mail so that I could have it arrive on a day that he was at work. I had set it up to arrive during the morning, that Friday before Father’s Day weekend. Although originally I had thought that I could put it together by myself, I eventually gave up trying and called a friend over to help me put it together. The kids would be home before my husband would, so we would all be presenting it to him together that afternoon.

His Surprise was Truly Surprising

My husband had always wanted somewhere that he could call his very own. He wanted an office originally but it ended up becoming half office, half storage. I decided that I would clean out his office earlier that morning to help make room for where we were going to set up the home gym. I made sure to put a mirror up so he could see himself as he achieved his goals. I wanted the room to be perfect, so I cleaned up the rest of it as well, including emptying his office trash bins which were overflowing.

I patiently waited for him to arrive home that evening. The children were just as anxious as I was to see the look on his face. We knew he wasn’t expecting anything this big and especially not before Father’s Day. When we heard the truck door shut we rushed to greet him. We escorted him to his office, which was now his office and gym in one, and allowed him to be the first to cut on the light.

He seemed to be speechless at first, but quickly found his words as he began hugging all of us. He did not mention that he wanted this, but he had planned to talk with me later that evening about getting some type of work out regime started. I was proud of myself for achieving such a high ranking gift for him, and even more excited that he was truly surprised.