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How to Use Hashtags and Automation The Right Way

Hashtags. They have been discussed, debated and even scandalised, but they still remain the only way to get the visibility you need on Instagram. One way to succeed at automating your Instagram tasks is to use hashtags the right way. With hashtags, you can automate virtually any tasks, because you know that your efforts will bear fruit.

Today we look at the tips and tricks you need to use when using hashtags and automation in your account at the same time.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Many people try to use hashtags that aren’t worth the effort, or don’t use these tags at all! Most of them end up stuffing a lot of irrelevant hashtags into their posts, which results in spammy behaviour. This annoys your followers, leading to a mass exodus that you cannot control.

If you want your automation efforts to bear fruits, then you need to use the hashtags strategically.

Use the Right Amount

You might end up losing the battle on growing your brand if you fail to use hashtags the right way. According to studies, posts that have between 5 and 9 hashtags receive the highest level of engagement. This does not mean that you go ahead and tag each post with 9 hashtags, because this might end up confusing the users.

Use Specific or Brand Hashtags

The more specific a hashtag is, the more targeted your marketing becomes. And remember that a targeted audience translates into a higher chance of getting high quality engagement. You can get more out of your automation if you have targeted engagement, which means that you can justify the levels of engagement along with the ones you gain from automation easily.

Save Some Hashtags for The Future

If you have a set of hashtags that you use frequently, it would be good to save them and use them later on in the future. Use the note app on your phone to save these tags. Remember that every hashtag that you put on each post should fit in with the content, and don’t be too repetitive.

This helps save you time, and since automation is all about saving time, you also need to make sure that you use your hashtag in a smart way so that you get more out of them. When uploading a post or scheduling posts for the week, navigate from the platform to the notes app, copy the hashtags and then paste them in the caption.

Hide Hashtags

One way to keep your profile clean and efficient is to avoid clutter on the profile. There are various ways to do this, either within a comment or in a caption.

How Does Proper Use of Hashtags Help Yoru Automation Efforts?

With the right type of hashtags, your content becomes more visible. Users can search for and find content that you have posted more effortlessly. You can also use the features of the bot to post the content easily with the hashtags included. Organizing the hashtags makes it easier for you to use the bot to grow engagement rates and to optimize your account.

One of the top bots that you can use with the right hashtag strategy is Boostfy. Combining this tool with the right hashtag practices helps you get more ROI from your Instagram account. Read more about this bot on The Small Business Blog and know how to use it to grow your account.

Final Words

You need to take time to understand what kind of benefits you get from proper use of hashtags in your Instagram account. Once you get this right, you can use it along with your bot to get the most out of your Instagram marketing efforts.