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Two Language You Never Thought to Learn

That title was a mouthful as are some other languages. Learning a language can be tough, but not as tough as people think. The biggest hurdle for potential polyglots is motivation.

Since the comfort of your living environment won’t push you to learn a new language, why not travel. Travel gives you an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and into something entirely new.

Traveling provides you with new perspectives on the world around you. When done right you can gain a window into how others live their day-to-day. You’ll return home (if you don’t decide to stay) with a fresh set of eyes and new ways to handle problems.

One of the best ways to travel is to just stay for an extended time at your destination. A short holiday can be lovely, but if you really want to understand a culture you need to be around it for a while.

Being surrounded by a new culture can be exciting and at times nerve-racking, but it has many benefits, one of which being making it easier to pick up the local language. Living in another country and dealing with, road signs, radio and everyday conversations make learning a breeze.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a language, polyglots the world over agree that immersion is the best way to do it and if you’re up for an adventure any of the next three countries should be considered as your destination.

Malay/Indonesian – possibly the least difficult language in Asia

If the thought of learning an Asian language intimidates you the sentiment is easy to understand. When most people think of Asian languages the tonal nature and countless characters of traditional Chinese spring to mind.

Malay isn’t without its difficulties, but its Latin script and lack of a tonal nature make it far less alien to western learners and the lack of many linguist hurdles make the process pleasant.

Malaysia is an incredibly eclectic country with a culture to match. Having been a major hub as part of a spice trading route the culture has been mixing influences for ages.

This has resulted in an incredibly unique place that’s home to multiple peoples and religions resulting in a beautiful experience that you should really see for yourself. It’s a major travels destination for a reason.

Mongolian – the language of one of Earth’s last truly great frontiers

There is no sugar coating this – Mongolian is not an easy language for western students. It used the Cyrillic alphabet and uses sounds you may not be used to making. But, you absolutely shouldn’t be discouraged. The benefits outweigh the costs.

The greatest hurdle for learning the language used to be a lack of material. Fortunately, people who understand the value of Mongolian have been helping to make it more available. Classes like make it much easier than it used to be.

If you love the outdoors, if the thought of a seemingly endless expanse of mountains, planes or deserts excites you, if you want to take part in a culture that’s managed to stay untainted by the hand of time – Mongolia is where you should be.

Ulaanbaatar is there for when you want a normal city, but once you leave it’s nothing but beauty in all directions. You can tour to shimmering lakes, view the traditions of the people or follow a guide to any of countless attractions. You’ll need to stay for a long time to see it all.

Visit, stay and see for yourself

Whether you plan to stay for a couple weeks or a couple years, both of these countries are more than worth it. Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone can work wonders for personal development.

Learning a new language is in your country of choice gives you the opportunity to connect more deeply with the culture. Since culture is shaped by language, speaking the native tongue gives far greater insight than the average tourist gets.

Even if you choose a completely different country, hopefully, you go somewhere. Happy travels. Stay safe and stay well.