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How Travel Bloggers can Build a Loyal Following on Instagram

Some of the top users that have made good use of Instagram are travel bloggers. These bloggers have taken to the site and got traffic to their blogs easily, and build a following that many people envy. However, beyond the glamorous photos, videos and comments, many travel bloggers still find it hard to retain their followers.

Today we look at the different strategies that you can put in place to get a loyal following.

Mix Your Hashtags

If you have been on Instagram for some time, then you know the value of using hashtags. These words and phrases represent the perfect way to get discovered on this platform. As a travel blogger, you travel the world looking for new experiences and ways to make money from your travels. To achieve this, it is vital that you make use of different kinds of hashtags.

General hashtags help get your content to the people who are interested in a general version of travelling. They might not get you much in terms of engagement but help you get a footing especially when you are just starting out.

Regional hashtags target a specific region. You can use these when looking for a place to stay the night or to eat. Make sure you include the name of the region when coming up with the hash tags so that you target specific region.

Branded hashtags are ideal if you are looking to create a network. You can use the tags from top brands to achieve this.

It takes a lot of patience, skill and experience to get the right hashtags. Since you don’t have the time for this, you can use an automation tool to grab the hash tags for you, leaving you the task of choosing a few to use.

Build a Targeted Audience

Your audience is the one that makes you look reputable to influencers that need your services. What does this mean – you need to have not just any following but one that is loyal and active on your page. The people that you get should have at least some interest in what you offer, whether services or products.

These people should be able to ask relevant questions and contribute to a discussion on the page.

This means that you need to filter the various followers so that what you have is high quality. The problem comes in when you have to find those that you follow and unfollow. Income Artist advises using a tool to follow & unfollow members of the audience.

Use Instagram Stories

You can use Instagram Stories to build something that a single picture cannot do. Using these stories, you can build mini travel guides using the story feature. Stories allow you to explain a process right from the time you step off the bus to the time you go to sleep.

Takeaway Tip: Use Colour

One of the things that make your account stand out is to use colour. Grabbing the perfect colour mix eliminates the need to edit the photo before you post it, saving you a lot of valuable time.