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Tips For Cleaning Your Beautiful Hardwood Floor

It’s easy to fall in love with hardwood floors because they bear an earthy and warm beauty that is hard to explain. We all want them in our houses. However, the thought is quickly thwarted by the perception that hardwood floors are delicate and hard to clean. However, that is not necessarily true, and cleaning should never worry you when installing a hardwood floor in your house. Hardwood floors are a cinch to maintain. Here is how you can keep your hardwood floor without increasing your workload.

Clean Often

When it comes to hard floors, vacuuming is better than moping. Why? A good vacuum cleaner will reach where mops can’t reach. If you want to make bare floors free from dust, vacuuming remains the best option. The top-rated hardwood floor vacuum cleaners will remove dirt, pet hair, dust and other debris that could scratch the floor. Vacuuming is also a friend of carpeting and will not ruin your beautiful carpets.

How regularly should you clean the floor? Well, there is no limit. If you have pets and kids, however, you will be required to clean the floor more often. Children and pets can be mischievous; they usually don’t care about your expensive good looking hardwood floor. For this reason, you will note that there will be more dust and pet hair in your house, and this can result in a dingy-looking floor you don’t get rid of them.

Do You Have To Take Off Your Shoes When Stepping On Your Hardwood Floor?

If you do not want to increase your workload, then you should ensure you are keeping the dirt out. How can you keep dirt and get out? Encourage shoe removing in your house. Taking your shoes is a simple act, but it works miracles. Accentuating the need to remove the shoes as soon as one comes in the door will help eliminate nearly all of the tacked-in dirt that can endanger the attractive hardwood floor finish. Dirt and grit are scratchy, and over time leaves behind visible scratches that make our floor look old and weary.

If you can’t make the people in your remove their shoes, you need to buy a quality vacuum cleaner and place an extra-long doormat inside and outside your house will help keep the dirt out. Ensure the doormat is long enough. Why? The longer the door mat the doormat leading to the door, longer the people will get rid of dirt and moisture off their shoes as they walk in. This works even if they don’t stop to wipe their shoe. However, a doormat won’t keep off all the dirt and you will have to use a quality hardwood vacuum cleaner if you want your floor to maintain its flawless look.

Get Rid Of Spills And Scuffs Immediately

If you are in a house where there are two or more people, then be sure that spills are inevitable. However, this is not a great problem when you have a quality vacuum cleaner. Spills are not safe for hardwood floors since stains are hard to get rid of when dry. For this reason, ensure you blot spills promptly with an absorbent cloth before using the vacuum cleaner. Light scuffs can also be easily removed with your socks or cloth. For heavier scuffs, however, you will need to apply some special ingredients like baking soda and gently rub it until it disappears. You can also teach your children on how to get rid of spills and cuffs to ensure your hardwood floor is safe and stunning even when you are away.

If you have to get rid of the stains and scuffs by soaking a cloth in water, ensure you do not use too much water. Letting the water puddle on the floor will cause serious problems for your hardwood floor. The best way to ensure you don’t use too much water is to ensure you clean one area at a time.

Does Water Ruin Hardwood Floors?

While water doesn’t affect the finish on the hardwood, it can get deep into the wood and stain it. These stains are pesky and hard to remove because they are deeply engraved into the wood. To avoid water-related stains, ensure you close all the windows when it’s rain or when you are expecting rain. After the rain stops, take a look around and immediately wipe any water you see.