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The Rowing CrossFit Connection Explained

What is CrossFit?

Very simply CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program.

What is the history of CrossFit?

Greg Glassman developed the idea of defining fitness in a way that can be measured in 1996 and later in 2002 the CrossFit Company was formed.

Why is it so successful?

6985409CrossFit has become a community, with support structures in place, WODs refer to Work out of the Day.  For anyone who needs to get really fit, keep their strength at optimum levels and generally in tip top condition joining a community of like-minded people can be invaluable.  No longer the “loneliness of the long distance runner”, being able to link up with other’s with the same masochistic tendency and same addiction to exercise makes it all the more appealing.  Plus it certainly looks very competitive.

Over 4,500 gyms worldwide are affiliated to CrossFit training so I guess it is a good thing for anyone wishing to travel and keep up their fix of feel good hormones.

Greg Glassman states that “CrossFit is not a specialised fitness program, but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of 10 recognized fitness domains”

And they are:

Education in movement, fitness and nutrition is also a big part of the CrossFit mind-set.  Anyone embarking on this type of exercise should be aware of these aspects to enable safe and healthy fitness.

Who is it for?

Definitely not for the faint hearted, nor for those who are just thinking about getting fit.  This is serious, used by police forces, martial art experts and athletes to enhance their training.

Interestingly CrossFit participants are 50% male and 50% female.

What has rowing got to do with CrossFit?

  • maxresdefaultRowing is a full body workout.
  • Rowing utilises nearly every muscle group in your body
  • Rowing is a great cardio vascular exercise
  • Rowing can be as easy or hard as you want
  • Rowing is a low impact exercise (easier on joints)
  • Rowing is great metabolic exercise (up to 1000 calories per hour)
  • Rowing gives you great range of motion (good for weight bearing joints)

Compared with other training options

Cons, Pros

o-CROSSFIT-facebookFor running, cycling and stair climbing, you do not need any indoor equipment.

For rowing you do…..

The good news is that an indoor commercial rowing machine is probably more affordable than a treadmill or recumbent bicycle and will give you so much more value for the time you put in. Just five minutes on the rower will increase endurance, burn a few calories.  What other exercise machine can give you that, would you get on the treadmill for five minutes?  Probably not.

What about a five minute bike ride?  It would probably take five minutes to get into your lycra and another five minutes to find your helmet.

For the home, well that is going to be a personal choice; if you are short of time, studying, and working long hours a rowing machine is going to give you the best all round exercise.

At least you can run or ride your bike or walk upstairs without any special equipment, rowing without a rowing machine would be kind of difficult.

To sum it all up

Crossfit2CrossFit is not centralised, it can work its way into any organisation, with affiliates across the globe.

It fits in well with individuals, teams, work organisations, schools and military. So even an individual burning the midnight oil can be a part of something much bigger without much more than an internet connection and a desire to be as fit as a fiddle.

I just had a look at some of the WOD’s and I think a manual would come in handy to explain the various terms; What is clean? What is a burpee? I think I like the Sunday suggestion, Rest Day, I know what that means.

If you feel enthusiastic enough to start a rowing regime you are in the right place.  Good luck and happy WODAY!