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Save Your Hair & Let the Professionals be Pros

My girlfriends and I were relaxing one evening and we decided to go through some of our old photos. We came across one and my friend almost took her phone back because I was chuckling. She let one of her friends dye her hair way back when and it went exactly as you’d expect.

It came out to be this less-than-lovely shade of blonde at the time which may have worked under different circumstances, but it didn’t match her skin tone and was generally mismatched.

She was a natural brunette and her hair had grown out a bit at the time. I thought she was going for a frosted look so I thought nothing of it. When I realized it was accidental I had to mess with her.

After I stopped teasing her (lovingly of course) she went on a bit of a rant and I can say her message is forever burned into my memory. Now I feel like I should help get the message out. So, ladies, don’t dye your hair at home! Professionals are professionals for a reason!

I had no idea, but hair dying is pretty complex and at-home treatments seem way easier than they are. I’d never considered doing it myself so I wasn’t aware of how frustrating it can be. I knew hair stylists had a lot of training, but I’d never considered hair dying itself was so complicated.

When you walk into a drugstore and see that row of dye boxes, it’s apparent what colours they’ll dye your hair. What they don’t tell you is that getting the right colour takes a bit of work.

Professionals are trained to listen to what you want, look at your hair, and judge what and where to colour at specific concentrations to balance it with your natural skin tone. There’s the technique needed to properlymix and apply the dye.

I couldn’t do that if I tried!

Then there are other considerations, like hair texture, the product itself, and using multiple dyes if need be. After a bit of research (or a failed attempt), I’m sure you’d be on the same page as me.

To dye your hair is to alter it chemically. Unless you’re the type to thoroughly read all the ingredients (who is really) you’d be risking damage to your hair. This is same for semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes.

That picture I saw was after they undid the first bad dye job. I really wish I could’ve seen the first.

Doing all that extra work to your hair can’t be too healthy. Sometimes, the look you want is too specific for one treatment. Professionals get paid because they’ll hook you up and get you gorgeous on the first try.

This means fewer chemicals and less stress. Who doesn’t want that?

Have you met a single lady that gets excited about dull or brittle hair? What about anyone that sitting in a chair for all that time just to be disappointed? We all value our time and money, so let’s do it right.

Places like Coco’s Hair & Beauty save you from a situation like my friend’s. Mind you, she’s awesome, so she made it work. But she couldn’ve avoided all that by just heading to the salon.

So, next time, make a date. Go out with the girls, have fun and avoid having that picture that makes you mad at that one mean friend of yours.