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How to Repel Rats: Effective Ways to Get Rid of them for Good

There is no question that seeing a rat in your home can send a shiver down your spine. In most cases, if you are facing this situation, all you want to do is get rid of these four-legged intruders – for good. There are some effective ways to do this. If you are ready to rid your home of rats for good, then use the tips and information found here. When you are informed, you will be able to ensure your home remains rat free.

Use Traps to Get Rid of Rats

When rats are well-fed, they aren’t going to be interesting in trying to get the bait on a trap, or even showing interest in poison that you put in their living areas. As a result, the first step of getting rid of rats is to eliminate their food source. This should be done before you use rat poison or set traps.

How do you get rid of food sources, you may wonder? This is pretty easy. Keep your garbage cans closed tight and keep all of your food in a sealed container. It is also important to make sure that it is difficult for the rats to get water. This means fixing any leaking faucets and ensure your drains are securely covered.

When you are ready to use a trap, some of the most popular baits that work well include bacon grease and peanut butter; however, you can use any type of food a rat will eat. Unfortunately, if you choose traps, you are going to be left with the task of getting rid of the dead rat body when the trap works. This is not a task that is right for the squeamish. Keep in mind, rats also carry a wide array of parasites and diseases so you need to do this carefully, or call the professionals.

Use Poison to Get Rid of Rats 

Chances are, if you are wondering how to get rid of rats, you have thought about using poison. This method of ridding your home of rats is similar to using traps. Before you use poison, you will need to get rid of all sources of food and encourage the rat to eat some strange form of food (i.e. the poison). Once you get the rat to take the poison, it won’t work right away. In fact, in many cases, the rat moves back to their hiding area before they die.

In many cases, these hiding places are inside the walls of your home. If the rat does this, then there is going to be a good chance that you are going to get a whiff of its decomposing body soon. Not only that, but the body will attract flies, as well as other insects.

Get Rid of Rats by Closing Openings and Removing Shelter 

If you want to keep rats from entering, or even re-entering your home, you should seal off any openings, which includes extremely small holes and cracks and vent holes. Placing sheet metal around your pipe entrances and at the bottom of your doors will prevent rats from being able to chew through. You can also fill up the gaps around the pipes using cement in order to keep the rats out.

Another important step is to take away any type of object that a rat may be able to use as a home. Make sure all piles of wood away from your home and get rid of any car bodies or old furniture and throw away any debris and trash that are away from the home. You should cut away or thin out any type of dense plant growth, as well. These are steps you should take regardless of if you decide to use traps or poison to get rid of rats.

The fact is, there are several ways to get rid of rats for good. Using traps and poisons are effective, but remember, you are going to have to get rid of the body. If you are squeamish, you may want to seek help. However, finding ways to rid your home of rats is likely a top priority so you want to make sure that you use a method you are comfortable with. There are also natural products you may be able to use, but these typically don’t work as quickly or effectively as the methods that are mentioned here.