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Reasons to Invest in a Blender

There is no doubt about it, one of the best appliances to have in your kitchen is a blender. They offer so many conveniences that it’s almost hard to list them all. While it can’t be promised that every single advantage for having a blender will be addressed, the biggest ones will be. So, without further ado, here’s why if you don’t have a blender in your kitchen you are making a big mistake.

Your Cooking Recipes Are Expanded

A huge annoyance when it comes to cooking is figuring out new things to make. Honestly, how many times do you settle for the same foods you have been having all week? When you have a blender in your household, the only times the recipes stop is when your imagination stops. Any sorts of smoothies, soups and juices can be produced. If there are multiple food items that sound good thrown together, toss them in a blender and give yourself something to try out. The worst thing that will happen is you won’t like what you create (which will happen from time to time). However, you could also discover a new delectable treat to show off to all of your friends and family.

Breakfast Covered

Sometimes, breakfast can be the most annoying meal to figure out what to eat. On a typical work day, nobody wants to get up at 6:00 in the morning and cook something for breakfast. See, with a blender you can throw together several fruits and vegetables (and anything else you want) to create morning smoothies. Not only is this a quick solution in the morning but it’s also an extremely healthy meal to have. To top it all off, you can pour it in a container and take it with you on your way to work. Knowing that each morning you can create a different delectable smoothie will improve your day.

Great Post-Workout and Night Meal

For those of you who are fitness enthusiasts, you know how inconvenient it can be to find a proper meal afterward. You don’t want to consume meals that are difficult to digest, but you also want more than liquids. Enter in a blender as you can make a healthy smoothie (which is a very easy process) within minutes. For an added bonus, you could also throw in a little protein powder to get a perfect meal after a heavy duty workout.

However, even if you don’t workout you will still find that it’s convenient after a long day. When you are ready to sit down and relax, you can get a quality meal without expending much effort. Honestly, this is better and healthier than any snack you will find in your pantry.

Easier Way to Get Your Daily Fruits and Vegetables

Every single day, you are supposed to consume a certain amount of fruits and vegetables. Now, how many of you think that you have the proper amount every day? There are some of you who think that you don’t and if this is your thinking, then know that it’s easier with a blender. The problem with getting the correct amount of fruits and vegetables each day is they sometimes aren’t the best when consumed by themselves. So, why not combine several of them to create smoothies and drinks that actually taste good? Chances are, you will forget that what you are drinking is filled with fruits and vegetables. In addition, you can get eat multiple items (apples, bananas, cherries, celery, grapes, etc.) in one simple shot.

Makes Great Desserts and Alcoholic Beverages

Alright, so what if you want to utilize a blender but are not looking for the healthiest of meals. Don’t worry because blenders are great for making delectable desserts. Try this out for size. Go out to a grocery store and get some vanilla ice cream with your favorite candy bars. Drop them all in the blender and see if you have created the world’s next best ice cream. There is no way your mouth isn’t watering right now.

It doesn’t stop with desserts, though, as you can make tasty alcoholic beverages as well. The most popular (for the most part), would be margaritas. With a blender, you can create the perfect amount of taste and consistency for your liking.

At this point, you are only kidding yourself if you believe that you aren’t interested in a blender. They give you hundreds of cooking recipes, great convenience on a long day and an easy way to get all of your daily nutrients.