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Why A Professional Pet-Sitter is Right For You

As a responsible pet owner, chances are that if you plan to travel for work or take an extended vacation, you want to make sure your pet will still be there smiling to greet you upon your return. If you’ve never been away from your pet you may even worry about how he or she will do in your absence. Fortunately, there are articles like this to help ease some of that worry.

Chances are that you’ve already considered heaps of pet-care options. You’ve probably thought of asking a close friend or family member to sit-in at your place or take your pet in. You may have even considered traveling with your pet or checking it in at a professional daycare. While the prior is a great option if you live close to trusted family and friends and the latter a great option if you have the budget and live somewhere posh, there is an excellent option still available to most of us: a professional pet-sitter.

What exactly a pet-sitter is and what they do

To professionally pet-sit is to care for a pet in its own home while you, the owner is away. This can include dog walking for exercise and socialization purposes but can also include feeding and changing water bowls, providing play time, changing litter boxes, medical monitoring and administering medications if needed and-and overnight stays if available and requested.

A proper pet-sitter is trained in animal behavior. Top notch pet-sitters may even bring in the mail and their presence is a deterrent to would-be thieves while you’re away as your home doesn’t appear to be vacant. This is a welcome bonus for anyone with a less than intimidating dog or cat and goes a long way towards easing your own anxiety allowing you to focus on your work or relax easier.

Your pet will benefit as well

I understand if you’re determined to travel with your pet. Maybe you’re relocating and its necessary or maybe you simply can’t stand to be away from your lovely little furball. Please try to understand that not all pets travel well. Some absolutely love it and some are traumatized by it. If you’re flying, chances are it’s the latter. So if it isn’t mandatory, I’d suggest any of the above options, like a pet-sitter perhaps.

An in-house pet-sitter is a nice treat to a social pet as well as it creates less stress for them. Your dog or cat does have to change its environment. This may not seem like much to you or me, but this can cause anxiety in many pets. Staying at home keeps your pet feeling safe and secure. Chances are the pet-sitter will pamper your pet a bit more than you normally do as well.

Even if you don’t notice, your pet has a daily routine. Chances are that in-between looking for attention and requesting food, they have things they like to do around roughly the same times every day. Professional sitters understand this and can conform to your pet’s individual needs. This decreases stress on them and makes your time away easier on the both of you.

Find a sitter and enjoy your trip

Now that you know how much you and your lovely pet can benefit from a proper pet-sitter all that’s left is to find one. If you’re curious about what to look for in a pet sitting check out this link: