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Learning to Support and Let Go

Having a son that loved to play the drums was hard enough, but now he wanted to actually be part of a band. I urged him to join the school band and upon telling him I wouldn’t allow punk rockers to perform in my garage, agreed. He could not stand the fact that he had to go by what someone else told him to play. He wanted to break out and be free to play whatever his heart desired, but this wasn’t being part of band but more of a solo routine.

Over a few months I tried to discuss with him what he was truly looking for was just a hobby or pastime and that he should be more focused on his studies and what he was going to do after high school and college. He didn’t want to hear any of it, so I did what any good mother could possibly do, I made him continue going to school in exchange for room and board, and I supported him as a musician.

Helping Him Purchase New Drums

There were many things that we needed to do in order to get him started off on the right foot. We made him work off the money to purchase himself a new drum set and he was thrilled to be able to pick it out himself. His father gave him some advice to look online and always read the reviews to see how others have viewed the same exact product. The Instrument Reviewer helped me find the exact drums that he wanted, something that was sturdy and able to be played for a few years before needing to be replaced.

He ended up purchasing his drum set online, but made a few purchases of accessories from local stores. He wanted to have back up strums and other things just in case something was to go wrong in the future or while he was on stage. He had big dreams and it was great to see his glow as he was continuing to chase those dreams. He decided that he also needed new gloves to be able to wear while he practiced, to keep his hands from sweating so much is what he told us. We allowed him to have a certain budget and told him that if he went over it that he would have to work it off. He hastily agreed and went to continue shopping.

Attending His First Concert

I could not believe my eyes, I was watching my son perform in front of a live audience and with a band. He was actually a part of a band that wanted him to be there. He was not planning to go solo, but they had arranged for him to have a few minutes to beat out whatever he felt like, which pleased him very much. He had the whole routine planned out in his head and for the weeks before the big night he was very restless at night. He had the jitters and was frightened but was ready to show everyone what he had.

The first song went off without any issues and he had done wonderfully. He enjoyed being in front of everyone and doing what he loved best. The rest of the concert was just as great as the very first song. He had a passion for being behind that drum set and looked as if he was standing on top of the world when the gig was finally over. I didn’t tell him at the time but I made sure to video tape a few songs to show him later how great he did do.

While he was up on stage, and every step of his journey in life, I have been a very proud mother. I was proud to be his mother, and even prouder that I chose to support him so very long ago. When he hugged my neck after the show that night, it was truly a moment that we will share for the rest of our lives. He was soon to become a big hit and I was going to be there the whole way cheering him on to victory, my baby boy.