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How to Keep Your iPad Clean and Functioning Optimally

Like any electronic gadget, the iPad needs a fair bit of maintenance from time to time to keep it running efficiently and smoothly. This includes cleaning its screen, clearing its memory, optimizing its battery life and keeping it bug-free and protected. Most of these things are easy to do on the iPad, unlike on a computer.

Keep your iPad’s screen clean

The best method to know if an iPad gets used a lot is to check all the fingerprints on the screen. In normal light conditions indoors, it may not be easy to see these fingerprints, but you will clearly see them if you put the iPad under bright light like sunlight. As for an iPad that’s not used too frequently, it may not have many fingerprints, but can gather dust.

Never use a window cleaner or any other cleaning agent, especially one that contains ammonia to clean your iPad’s screen. Instead, use a scratch-resistant lint-free piece of cloth like the one that cleans eyeglasses. Moisten the cloth slightly and run it evenly on the iPad’s screen to clean it, either horizontally or vertically—whichever way you prefer.

And remember to clean the rest of your iPad’s parts. It may not have fingerprints, but it’s good to give the whole iPad some good cleaning. You can use a wet cloth on the sides and back, but you still should not use any cleaning solution.

Reboot your iPad to clear its memory

Rebooting is the best method to clean the interior of your iPad. Power it down and then turn it on to clear the memory and get your iPad a new start. It’s best to reboot your iPad any time you notice it’s becoming slow or there are some odd issues with it, like an app not updating to the newest version on the app store.

Keep iOS updated

One good thing about an iPad is that it lets you know when a new operating system version is released. It alerts you by sending a notification on the settings icon. Once you see this red notification, plug the iPad into an energy source and start the process of updating your system. You can do this on the general menu tab in the iPad settings.

Keeping your iOS updated will fix various bugs in the OS, and ensure that you have the most current security updates. This will help your iPad work optimally.

Buy your iPad a case

No matter how careful you’re with your iPad, accidents do happen and due to its slim design, a small fall could result in a considerable dent on your iPad as well as a cracked screen. You can only get the best protection against falls by buying an iPad case right away.

The best iPad cases provide adequate protection and fit well, so take note of that. There also lots of third-party heavy-duty cases that will protect iPads that are mainly used at home and some are even made to protect your iPad while you’re on outdoor adventures. Other brilliant suggestions include avoiding loose-fitting cases like leather binder cases, and making sure that your iPad fits snugly in the case you buy—otherwise it won’t provide full protection for your iPad.

If you have toddlers or small children, you should also buy a screen protector, which will ensure that any dirty hand doesn’t cause much damage to your iPad.

Get more battery power by optimizing settings

There are several ways to optimize your iPad in order to maximize its battery, like reducing the brightness on the screen and turning off 4G.

Apple also recommends that you completely drain your battery once each month and then charge it to full capacity, but the purpose of this suggestion is to ensure that the iPad correctly shows the level of battery power remaining rather than anything that’ll actually prolong your battery’s life. In fact, it’s usually best if you start charging with 5% or more battery power remaining as draining it completely is a bad idea.

Save space on the iPad

The best suggestion for freeing up more storage space when it’s running out is to simply uninstall apps you hardly use. The app store on your iPad keeps a record of all apps you’ve bought and downloaded for free, so you don’t have to worry about losing any app you may want to use in the future. In fact, you can always restore the app for free even if you bought it or downloaded for free.

Another effective way to save more storage space on your iPad is to avoid loading movies and music on it and instead install iTunes home sharing. This lets you share the movies and music stored on your computer with your iPad. You can do this by streaming on your wireless home network, and since they’re never stored on your tablet, you can save plenty of space with this hack.