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I am Iron Man

My friends are all crazy about fitness but I must admit, exercise has never been something I have enjoyed. The stories they told about going to the gym together, attending classes and working with the personal trainers did make me feel a bit guilty but not enough to actually work out.

As I work for a charity, and have for some years, the inevitable eventually happened. 


My boss came into the main office and announced that he was setting up a team to enter into the local iron man competition and expected us to take part.  Not only would it be great publicity for our charity, it would also raise money for a campaign we would shortly be running to help a young girl with cancer.

I felt compelled to sign up.  The competition was in 3 months, so I had to get fit and fast.


I discussed this with my friends and they told me that becoming ultra-fit can be done in a short time.  An example of this was demonstrated by Michael my brother, they reminded me of this fact.  Michael often enters triathlon’s, iron man competitions, open water swimming events and marathons.  You name it, he does it but it wasn’t always that way.  He used to weigh 300lbs and did no exercise whatsoever, but when he suddenly became ill everything changed.  His doctor told him to lose weight through diet and exercise and to his credit, he didn’t ever once cheat on his diet and went to the gym 5 times per week.  The weight just dropped off.  He is now 160lbs and ultra fit. I couldn’t be more proud of him. So I decided to enlist his help.

My exercise plan was put together by my brother.  I didn’t need to lose weight but I did need to build muscle, so I started drinking protein shakes and exercising with the help of my exercise plan.

Apparently, slow and steady is the way to build up and exercise bikes are a great way to do this.  If you use their pre-programmes that go up and down through the power levels, it is a great way to build up your legs, so that is exactly what it did and it worked.

I always did an hour on the bike and never did less than 20kms and I could feel the difference in a couple of weeks.  I was no longer out of breath climbing the stairs and I was feeling way more energetic.

Once I had built up some strength in my leg muscles, I started running, I had never done this before.  It was a little labored at first but I soon built up enough strength to run 1 km and then 2 and so on, until I was finally able to run 15kms. It only took 2 months to train to do this.  I am naturally lean and I took to running easily.

I actually started to enjoy my training and in 8 weeks, I felt ready to compete.


There were 10 teams and we came in 2nd overall.  Considering none of us were athletes, that was not bad at all.

Worthy Cause

Best of all we raised $12,000 for our cause, which was brilliant and I am fitter because of it, which is no bad thing.