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Four Ways To Keep Warm Over Winter

Keeping warm over winter is harder than it looks – when the cold sets in and the extra blankets come out, you start to realize just how hard it can be to keep that house warm around the clock. A natural consequence will also be the heating bill growing exponentially, so when it comes to keeping you and your home warm, it can pay to think outside the box and try something different to get the same result.

There are cheaper ways and more expensive ways of keeping yourself and a house warm during the winter, but you don’t have to compromise and settle for being cold. The more economical these methods can be, the better, resulting in sustained heating throughout the winter that doesn’t compromise on the heating bill. Here are four ways to keep warm over winter that won’t break the bank.

The Ceiling Fan

If you’ve got a ceiling fan, chances are you only use it in the summer when that thick hot air won’t circulate, but you can’t afford to keep the windows open because of the bugs. There’s a reason that most homes in America have ceiling fans installed with their lights in each room – because they can be a practical house appliance all year round, not just in the summertime. In the winter, ceiling fans work as a distributor of heat, which can be hard to get your head around. You would think that they would just make the air colder. But because warm air rises to the ceiling and sits there, a fan can be used practically to push this warm air down again to head and height level, keeping you warmer. This won’t cost you too much to run and is a great way to use the air that’s already in the room.

Switch Up Your Shower

The shower is probably the best part of your day in the winter – getting a chance to warm your body and feel warm for at least a little bit afterward is the obvious choice if you’re cold. But surprisingly, it’s not hot water that keeps you warmer for longer. Cold water works to improve the circulation of your blood as it travels between your skin and your organs, which means that you’ll stay warmer for longer once you’ve had your shower. While the thought of having a cold shower in winter is almost unbearable to most, if you can brave it and soldier through, you’ll end up being able to stay warmer for longer. Another additional plus to having cold showers is that it builds up your immune system – giving you a lower chance of getting sick while you’re cold, too.

Electric Blanket

Most people have the tried and true trusty electric blanket as a luxurious addition to their home when trying to keep it warm in the winter. There’s nothing like crawling into a warm bed at the end of the day when the outside temperature is less than ideal. It’s worth looking into the state of that electric blanket. However – there are ones that are more economical than others. If you’re trying to save money on heating and power, you’ll want to do your research and find an electric blanket that keeps you warm on a budget. The older the electric blanket is, the worse it’s going to be on power saving, so you could even consider upgrading it every couple of years or so to keep that power bill down. Read more for the best electric blankets on the market right now.

Warmer Curtains

Your windows are the weakest, coldest points in the house, so it would make sense to keep them warm as you keep yourself warm. Having a look at the existing curtains you have and seeing how good they are at keeping the cold out and the heat it could result in you saving even more on your heating bill. If you dress your windows up in thick, quality curtains, they will act as a natural heat insulator and serve a practical purpose of keeping the house nice and warm. There’s no using the power with this practical heating tip.

Keeping the house warm, especially with younger children, is not an easy task and if not done correctly can end up costing you hundreds more in heating bills. Thinking about practical ways you can get around using up all the electricity to keep that warm air in and the cold air out will help you stay warm for all winter long, without breaking the bank and doubling your power and heating bills. Thinking of items around the home that need replacing or upgrading might cost you a bit in the short term, but long-term they will end up saving you money.