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Essential Kitchen Appliances that are a Must Have

The Kitchen is the heart and soul of every household. As the saying goes, great bodies are created in the kitchen, and not in the gym. Clearly, the kitchen is where all the food is prepared, no wonder it experiences the most traffic in the house. All the same, Food preparation involves a lot and can be overwhelming and tiresome especially if you are preparing a meal for a large household. As such, there is a broad range of kitchen appliances that come in handy to help in food preparation and make the task much easier and quicker. In other words, these tools contribute to achieving a leaner, healthier and stronger you. However, the sort of kitchen appliances you buy is dependent on varying factors including your needs, affordability, lifestyle, as well as the size of your kitchen. For example, the amount of space available in a local kitchen cannot be compared to that of a studio apartment which tends to be quite compact. Nevertheless, the most necessary kitchen appliances are small sized capable of standing and being used on the kitchen counter. This article looks at the most basic and convenient kitchen appliances that make a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Food processor

One of the essential kitchen appliances with no doubt, a food processor is so versatile that it can serve numerous functions in the kitchen. It is your ultimate help when it comes to chopping, grinding, and blending among other functions. They come in different sizes to serve the needs of different individuals. For instance, if you have a large family, you may want to consider getting a larger capacity processor, say twelve cups and above whereas a smaller size processor is enough if you live alone. With the market flooded with numerous brands, styles, and designs, it can be a challenge to choose the right match for your needs, especially if you haven’t shopped for a food processor before. That said, it is important to conduct some research and learn more about food processors. Numerous sites such as MRS Foodprep provide detailed reviews of the various brands in the market to help you make the right and an informed decision.


If you are a fan of smoothies and soups, a blender is a great addition to your kitchen. They come in different styles and designs. When buying a blender, you first need to decide whether you want a counter top or an immersion blender. Whatever choice you make, it represents another useful kitchen appliance especially during summer when there is an increase in outdoor activities and increased demand for fluids. Blenders are available in different designs and also capacity. However, the most recent models come with new features that improve their functionality and versatility. Therefore, be sure to look out for any new exciting features that you may consider necessary.


A mixer is one of those kitchen appliances that you may need at one point or another more so if you are a baking enthusiast.  It makes your experience much easier and more enjoyable. It doesn’t matter whether you are baking cupcakes for a party or preparing dough for bread, a mixer will come in handy for multiple tasks. Nonetheless, when it comes to buying a mixer, you have two options, a hand mixer or a stand mixer. However, if you happen to bake a lot, a stand mixer makes the ideal choice whereas a hand mixer can do fine if you are an occasional baker.

Steam oven

In the modern day, people are more cautious about their dieting habits owing to the numerous health benefits of healthy dieting. For that reason, most people have turned to steaming rather than cooking with oils and other unhealthy additions. If you prefer steamed food, steam ovens are perfect for super heating your food using steam. You will not need to add any oils or fats that contain unwanted cholesterol. They are usually built into a wall cabinet and have a similar size to a microwave. They come in handy to steam vegetables and fish and can keep your food moist and warm for a while.

Electric kettle

As small as it is, an electric kettle does not present itself as one of the primary and essential kitchen appliances. However, on the contrary, it is one of those devices that are used so often in the kitchen as you may have experienced if you own one. An electric kettle is not only faster when you want to boil water but also more energy efficient than using a stove. For those who drink tea and coffee regularly, an electric kettle comes in handy to make sure you have your hot water in no time.


Food preparation cannot be the same without these necessary and essential kitchen appliances as discussed above. They not only enable you to cook your meals faster but also make the whole process much easier. Being in possession of these appliances, you no longer have to dice, chop, mix, and grind with your hands. All you need is to take one of these handy devices, and you are ready to go.