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Different Types of Travel Insurance to Choose From

When purchasing travel insurance, the most difficult part to deal with is deciding on the type of insurance to choose. Of course, this is only natural since no one wants to regret buying the wrong insurance plan. If you intend to learn about differences between various types, then read further below.

Full Package

When talking about travel insurance, people often think about a comprehensive package plan. These may come in other names such as Comprehensive Travel Insurance, Trip Insurance, Vacation Insurance, or even just Travel Insurance. Anyway, such package plan covers cancellations, flight interruptions, medical emergencies, stolen baggage, and so on. Most travelers will choose this type since it is well-rounded, and covers most of their needs. Lastly, this is the only type of plan that allows for trip cancellations, so you may want to keep that in mind.

The full package is ideal for cruises, domestic and foreign travel, family trips, and vacations. A traveler may also opt for this in case they want to avoid losing money in the case of a canceled trip.

Travel Medical Insurance

Outside of one’s home country, a travel medical insurance can provide medical coverage in case of emergencies. Like the full package, it comes with different names such as International Medical Insurance, International Travel Insurance, and Travel Health Insurance. This plan provides comprehensive-style benefits, although somewhat limited to only both medical and evacuation coverage. The Travel Medical plan is suitable for business trips abroad, expats in a foreign country, long-term studies or work abroad, people leaving their home country, and vacations.

Travel Accident

Plans for travel accident offers international accident protections as well as long-term benefits for people who travel often. Such a plan focuses on AD&D, as well as term life insurance benefits which are in-effect only while the traveler is on the insured trip, or during the designated annual coverage period. Overall, this is ideal for travelers who want life insurance and AD&D.

Finding a Long-Term Travel Insurance

There are various agencies that offer travel insurance, check your local area. However, if you would prefer more options, then try finding one online. For a recommendation, have a look at since they discuss such packages.


You should choose your travel insurance plan depending on your needs. You can never go wrong with a comprehensive package, but medical and accident travel plans may be ideal if you prefer only them.