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Different types of Sewing machines Explained

If you are willing to buy some new piece of machinery, regardless if you are new to sewing or an expert, with so many options out there finding your perfect match can be overwhelming. Through this article I will help you to have a better understanding about the most popular types of sewing machines in the market.

1. Lockstitch sewing machine

Lockstitch sewing machineThis is the typical “grandma’s” sewing machine and has been created for domestic use. It can be run by foot or in many cases, converted to electrical power. This is the best option for novice sewers, is great for learning and practicing (in many dressmaking schools they use them).

Pros: affordable and easy to use.

Cons: slow, very difficult to use with some fabrics (stocking, lycra or synthetic-elastic materials) and stitching style limitations.

2. Hi-speed Lockstitch sewing machine

Hi-speed Lockstitch sewing machineConceived for industrial use, Hi-speed Locksitch machines like the Brother HC1850 sewing machine presents a wide range of options that can differ considerably in price and features as well. If you are serious about sewing (in other words, if you are doing that for a living) I recommend that you start saving some bucks and get a Hi-speed machine. Is ideal for tailors but more over for dressmakers.

Pros: great for high volume of work, great variety of models (some include semi-automatic sewing programs and digital displays). Is easy to find technical support and is very robust.

Cons: comparing to the classic Lockstitch, the Hi-speed version wont’ forgive sloppy work, neither recommended for unexperienced sewers.

Embroidery Machine3. Embroidery Machine

If making table linen, bed linen or pillows is your thing you will need an embroidery machine for creating those fancy and cute finishing, also if you are into baby clothing. These machines are affordable and as Hi-speed machines, there’s a big variety of models and features.

4. Button holer / Button attachment machine

Button attachment machineI believe that purchasing a button holer or button attachment machine will make sense only if you produce a big volume of clothes. Today many Hi-speed Lockstitch machines have button holer and button attachment accessories, expanding your possibilities and reducing costs.

5. Double needle machine

Double needle machineHonestly? I’m not sure if a double needle machine make sense at all. The truth is that you can adapt double needles to any High-Speed machine. Hi-speed lockstitch machines have better features, lighter (and let’s face it, also cuter) so I do not recommend to get one of this.

6. Bartacking machine

J-1850Bartacking machines are specially designed for reinforcing areas of great stress. In dressmaking is used for garments, but is also widely used for outdoors clothes and accessories. For example, if you are interested to make mountain climbing accessories, tents, even military clothing then this is probably a great choice for you. Many people are choosing bartacking machines over Hi-Speed Lockstitch machines basically because it can become more versatile.

Final words

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