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Dealing with the In-Laws: A Weekend to Forget

I have a husband that I love very much, but his parents and I don’t get along that well. When I say we don’t get along, it’s almost as if we’ve built a special kind of hatred for each other. My husbands father isn’t that bad, but he’s the type of person who always agrees with his wife (it’s almost like he doesn’t want to disappoint her in one way or another). I cant stand the mother, her name is Meredith and she is easily one of the most manipulative people I’ve ever met! She is always talking about how her son is way better than I am, and that he should have married his ex-girlfriend (who I’ll talk about a little bit later, mind you). I am always the one who has to deal with the in-laws mess, because my husband is constantly off on business trips and such. He is actually a mechanical engineer for one of our local water pump companies, I won’t get specific because I want to have some sort of privacy in my life!

header_700x300_ET_2I know that I’m not the only person on this planet that needs to deal with in-laws, because they’re always going to feel like their children could have done better. Most of the time they’re going to complain until the wedding is over with, but I would say that’s if you’re lucky. Meredith is a woman that I have absolutely no problem ignoring, it’s just the fact that she’s always on my case. They were over at our house for a trip a few weeks ago, and this article is going to talk about how she managed to completely ruin my life (well, figuratively, of course).

Meredith: The Ultimate Nag

media_328652_enNow, when you take somebody into your home they have a tendency to be as grateful as possible. This isn’t the case with Meredith, as her and my husbands father (who’s name is Dan) never clean up after themselves. There was one instance where I caught the father actually cleaning up after himself, but I overheard Meredith yell “don’t clean that crap up, the maid can do it when she gets back”. She shouted that from across the house when they didn’t realize I had gotten home, and it’s pretty obvious that she was implying I was the made. The parrot cage we got was left open the one day when I got home from work as well (it’s a great cage, by the way, thanks Pets Sensation!) and my bird had gotten out – I knew who did it right away.

That was the last straw, when she let something that I’ve cared for out of its cage, it was war. The good news is that my bird actually came back after about an hour or two of me crying my eyes out, and I’m almost positive I could hear Meredith laughing in the downstairs guest room throughout the entire process. My husband doesn’t believe that his mother is actually one of the most evil people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting in my entire life – and I was going to prove it.

The Plan

I set up a camera to catch all of the rumblings my husbands mother would be getting into while I was at work, and needless to say, I caught her in the act! I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy to actually bust somebody, and it felt a bit petty after everything had been said and done. I wasn’t too worried about it though, because I knew my husband would finally understand what I had been going through. I figured that this was going to be a breaking point in the relationship I had with my in-laws, and I still love the dad! There was nothing that the dad did I wouldn’t condone of on the footage, and he actually cleaned up the guest room when Meredith went out to the patio (I guess she didn’t notice!).

My husband wasn’t too fond of me “spying” on his mother like that, and he even said that I was trying to get him into the mindset that he was going to dislike his mother. That’s not what I wanted at all, I just wanted him to talk to her about the personality she’s sporting. We managed to come to an agreement, and we had a chat with his mother. She started off with some pretty nasty things to say about me, and my husband was clearly shocked (his face looked like a donut, that’s how wide open his mouth was). He saw the side of her that I see every single day, and after she had said her fair bit my husband took her outside to have a chat.

I’m not sure what they said, but I did see my husband giving his mother a rather “stern” look while they were talking. Meredith doesn’t pick on me as much anymore, but it’s still obvious that she doesn’t like me.