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Considerations when looking for a wedding location

So you are through with your engagement and the only thing on your minds now is your wedding? Well, it is not yet time to celebrate because apart from other issues related to wedding planning, the location for your wedding matters a lot. Finding the right wedding location is not as easy as many would love to think.  This is because unlike before where there were a few options to choose from, wedding venues have currently become infinite, making it a challenge to choose one that will fit into your wedding plans. So what are the top considerations to go for when looking for that perfect wedding location?

Geographical location

What is a wedding without the company of friends? When planning a wedding, one of the considerations should be how accessible your location is to your friends and other invited quests. It is, therefore, preferable that you choose a convenient location that is not only classy but also gives your invited guest an easy time to access. Considering most of your guests may be driving, your location must be easily accessible by car. However, it should also not be too congested to the point that your guests will have to deal with traffic jams before they get to the venue.

Number of guests

The size of your wedding location will be determined by expected guests. You do not want to go for a venue that prefers a private wedding when you have a long list of guests expected to attend.  In fact, most facilities will require a rough estimate of expected guests, two to three months before your wedding day. By getting your list early, you will be in a position to plan not only for the wedding space but also other factors like food and drinks.

Weather conditions

The type of weather condition on your wedding day can make or break your wedding celebration. This is especially so when you are planning for an outdoor wedding. Sunny days are usually preferred for a wedding. However, the intensity may be too much at some locations.  It is therefore important to ensure that the wedding venue you opt for has a canopy or at least tables with umbrellas. In regard to weather, is also important that you understand the weather patterns of that location so you can choose a time of the year when the weather is favorable for a wedding.

Special requirements

Each facility has its own rules and regulations. When looking for a wedding location, do not only dwell on the physical look of the venue. Ensure that you understand their regulations for the sake of your guests. For instance, if you expect to have guests who smoke, ensure that the venue allows the same or at least has a smoking area. This will help avoid inconvenience on the part of your guests.

With these in place, you can rest assured that your big day will become a success. Make sure that you make arrangements way before the wedding date to avoid last minute rush. Your wedding days should be a day to relax and enjoy, not worrying about unmet wedding plans. If you are looking for a perfect wedding location, the Blue Bend team will be ready to help. Check Nick’s portfolio for more information.