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How To Become An Excellent Instrument Player

Music is beautiful, and it could only be fair enough to give credit to all those who participate to make it successful. However, instrument players never get the credit they deserve most of the time because people tend to focus more on the lead singer. The only time that most instrument players get some credit is when they part of a band. In such cases, fans will appreciate the contribution of every member and will be quick to note when one is missing. Others who play for sole musicians mostly go unnoticed which is somehow demotivating. Follow these tips to become a good instrument player.

Know your worth

Not everyone who laughs or smiles at you is your friend, and some are just there to take advantage of you. Take time to negotiate deals like a professional artist and never let someone undervalue you. Managers tend to focus so much on singers, and they ignore the fact that an instrument player also plays an important part. You should first know what you are good at before others start to see it. There will be high chances that people will respect your art if you respect it in the first place.


There is no defined shortcut to playing a musical instrument, but you have to learn your trade. However, you can create flexible schedules and play your instrument wherever you are free. Learn to say no to things that compromise your practice time if you want to up your game. Playing a musical instrument sometimes can lift your spirits when you are in a foul mood. Unlike other activities that demand you to be energetic, you can play your instrument even after a tiring day. You can even play your instrument during lunch break if you have a day job.

Stay passionate

More than half of the world’s work population is unhappy about their jobs but still, wake up every day because they have to pay bills. Music, on the other hand, should be all about passion and not something that your parents or buddies force you to practice. You will never feel the vibration or the impact of your instrument if it is not your passion. It is a not must for you to come from a musical family for you to succeed. Invest in music both physically and mentally, and it will pay off in the long run.

Learn several music styles

You may be having your favorite music genre but learning two or three others will do you no harm. You will always be able to rise to the occasion because of your versatility. Surprises are also very appealing when it comes to performances. You can always give your fans a new sound and avoid boredom and make your art more appealing. An ukulele gives you a chance to try several styles of music without many struggles. You can check some of the best ukuleles for both beginners and professionals at Four String Fun and make your selection.


You will meet different types of people in this industry and how you interact with them will define your success. There will be critics, and there are those who will give a reason to carry on and become the best. Learn to take lessons from positive criticism and avoid naysayers and those who want to see you fail. Make meaningful connections with various players in the industry such as singers, promoters, and music coaches. Attend various forums and sessions held by some of the best in your field, and you might learn something new. Network with people outside your profession because you might need a website, good outfit or even someone to market your art.

 Define your goals

You cannot succeed in this industry if you do not know what you want to achieve. You should visualize your art in maybe one year or five years. You can start with targeting one gig per week or learn a new song every three days. Do not just set goals but also review them to ensure that you have some progress. Put your goals down in writing and review them weekly or monthly. If there some which you failed to achieve, strive to understand the cause of the failure.