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5 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Following as a Retailer

Do you wish to grow your brand awareness and get active customers that are willing to buy from your retail business?

The solution lies with Instagram, the tool that is ideal for retailers like you. Today we look at ways that you can use this tool to grow your audience, expand your reach and achieve all your goals.

Decide on What You Want

You need to determine your goals when it comes to Instagram marketing. You need to have the goals in mind right from the start and focus on them. Once you know what you want, you need to come up with a plan on how to achieve the goals.

Your goal might be to get more customers, or more traffic, or more revenue, or start selling in new markets. Either way, you need to have a plan that can guide you the right way; otherwise you might not have the impact you thought possible.

Stick to the Photo Rules

When it comes to images, you need to take time and have useful, relevant and high-quality images. Lack of these and your content might not attract the right followers.

You can take shots of your products, premises, behind-the-scenes shots and even the staff. But the idea behind taking the images is because the images you post make a personalized connection in a way that plain text doesn’t. Additionally, the photos make your retail business more relatable. Photos are also fun to look at and are also engaging, and they show more than what text shows.

Get Involved

Many retailers are always stuck behind the counter, taking order after order not knowing what the customer is thinking. It might not be possible within the premises, but with Instagram, you can engage with your customers on a larger scale.

Instagram allows you to ask questions, send direct messages and leave your comments. You can engage with your audience in various ways – holding a contest, sharing their content, re-gramming and all that. What you are looking at is to make your audience connect with you, and forget the fact that you are just another person behind the counter.

You can ask your audience to share images of the products they buy from you, and how they use them, and how beneficial the products are to you.

Give the Community a Peek behind the Curtain

The biggest mistake that retailers make is they only show the front of the shop, and forget that they have more behind the “curtain.” When you get to Instagram, you can show them what they have never thought possible – what happens behind the scenes.

You can show the process of packaging, how the shipment is prepared and how the whole ordering process works. You can also show the staff that work in the storage room, all in all, you want to tell your audience that there is a human side that is associated with your retail store. Check out more tips on Spire, which tells you more about growing your Instagram following.

Geo-tag Your Photos

One of the best features of Instagram is the geotagging tool. It allows you to transfer the location information to your posts and images. Instagram now incorporates a photo map that tells the audience where the photo was taken. Through this, users that are looking for content from a particular area can get it just through the search option.

The Lowdown

Retail business is very competitive, and the need to get one more customer is all you need to make a difference. One of the top ways to get the customer is to go to Instagram. This platform allows you to get what you need without spending a lot of time or resources on the act.